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About us

Our mission

is to provide the best social media marketing web apps for one low monthly price on one platform to help online marketers & content creators.

As online marketers and content creators ourselves we were constantly coming across the latest web app that had all of these amazing features that would allow us to automate, simplify, stand-out & capitalize on social media in a big way. Thus setting us apart from the rest of the crowd. The only challenge was as an online marketer just starting out with a limited budget was expensive to obtain all the apps we needed as each one performed a different necessary function depending on which social platform & what we were trying to accomplish. But we needed the apps in order to make money online and be successful. Catch-22

Out of this challenge socialsavvi was born. With our platform we have aggregated some of the best social media marketing web apps in the industry. Based on our user feed back our goal is to continue to scour the web and negotiate deals with the leading Web app makers in this space to continue to add new apps and remove apps that don't meet or perform upto ours or our members standards. Thus always providing un-paralleled value in our SAAS platform.

We have priced our subscription packages in a very affordable way so that almost anyone can afford a package to start with. At the same time this pricing will allow us to grow & evolve and continue to provide the best social media marketing apps online.

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