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Corporate Partnerships (were looking for strategic and developmental partnerships)

Do your customers need to increase brand awareness for their company, product or service?

Great, we can help?
Offer your New & Old customers something of real value!
By partnering with socialsavvi you'll be empowering your customers with a very powerful suite of leading industry social media marketing web apps.

Benefits to you as a corporate partner:

  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce attrition
  • Add value to your existing product or service
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Earn additional revenue
  • Allow us to reciprocate and offer your products & services to our customer base

Benefits to your customers:

  • Access to over 30 leading industry social media marketing web apps on one platform
  • Increase brand awareness for their company, product or service
  • Run their text marketing campaigns
  • Manage their online reputation & social media presence
  • and over 150+ other features all for less than a cup of coffee per day

Let's partner today!

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1. Join

Try our FREE 7-Day trial offer. Join today and test drive the social media marketing app of your choice!

2. Activate

Inside you’ll discover a wide selection of very powerful social media marketing apps. Depending on your membership level activate 1 or all of them.

3. Amplify

Our curated marketing app collection is designed for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only and that’s to amplify & elevate your company, brand, product or service on social media and  across the internet…Enjoy