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Everyone is trying to capitalize on social media and increase brand awareness for their company, product(s) or service(s)...


Imagine if you could offer them a suite of 25 very powerful cloud based social media marketing apps on one platform to efficiently perform these tasks...All for less than a cup of coffee per day!

Partner with us and you can!


Tired of competing with ALL the other business opportunities online? So were we!


During the California Gold Rush of 1848, there were 2 groups of people who made money....The difference is one group made a lot of money while the other group struggled to barely find one GOLD NUGGET.


The 2 groups were the people going up the mountain looking for GOLD and the groups that setup shop at the bottom of the mountain to sell the picks, shovels, wheel barrels & dynamite...

The group selling the tools & equipment were guaranteed to make money as long as the first group was mining for GOLD..

Social Media is the latest GOLD RUSH taking place online...Everyone is looking to cultivate & capitalize on it...But you need the right tools in order to mine the GOLD from Social Media...And that's where socialsavvi comes in...
If you're committed to your online success, and want to offer something of real value to online marketers...then we want you on our team. Let's join forces to empower your clients, generate additional revenue, and set your business apart with one of the most powerful suite of online marketing tools on the web!

Use our collection of media collateral to grow your business!

As a partner share & profit by offering something of real value that will allow online marketers and content creators to leverage & deploy leading industry social media marketing apps and amplify their social media campaigns all in 1-dashboard!

Add smart optin forms on every page of your website on complete autopilot + Intelligent
Chatbot on 1 dashboard

Artificial Intelligence software to automate Pinterest…WOW!

Automate Twitter with this Smart Bot App

Turn any Video into your Own ‘In-Stream’ Clickable Video Ad

Finally! A Complete New Suite of Sophisticated Video Marketing Tools in. One Unified
System.Get 300% more leads & Traffic with VooPlayer..

Automate & grow unlimited facebook pages in any niche

All-in-One Mockup’ Image & Video Design Suite

Make videos go Viral and spread like wildfire

New Software Lets You send Profitable, Graphical, Eye-Catching, New Type of Personal
Messages right into Every Prospects Facebook Inbox!

Create beautiful unlimited ebook covers

Create beautiful unlimited high quality Retinal icons

Cloud based software to find, schedule and MONETISE the most viral content on FB, Youtube & Twitter into your INSTAGRAM pages, shoot your organic reach through the roof

Create unlimited Stunning Designs Using Revolutionary Vector Technology

Digital Marketing Automation App!New

Collect and Manage More Leads, Send Unlimited Emails, Build Amazing Websites, Blogs,Sales Pages, Membership sites, Sales funnels, Animated Videos, APPS and so much more!

Finds Anyone’s Professional or personal Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

Get instant data on over 250,000 successful facebooks ads and mimic them to improve conversions

Create online survyes on your website, blog or social media pages

Build, integrate, deploy, improve dynamic landing pages in minutes

Crank out 100’s of powerful ads for facebook, twitter, pinterest, instragram and more

Discover, post, engage…and enjoy market automation

Uncover viral traffic in your niche.

Real-time visitor records every movement on your website or blog.

Over 140 custom build wordpress plugins you will not find anywhere else on the web

Run your own social media competitions & contest

Sky rocket to #1 with hidden Google algorithm data

Reclaim every lost customer on auto-pilot

Reclaim 90% of lost traffic with industry leading re-targeting app

Increase conversions with our Powerful video cloud-based player

Dramatically increase conversions with professional attention grabbing video & image gifs

Leading edge wordpress page editor

Set your rewards & loyalty program. Offer coupons online or in store complete with scan-able QR code

Find hundreds of prospects with a few clicks, pull in relevant & valuable data. Contact them all within side the app with a push of a but..

Cutting edge help desk ticket app

Setup your own chat community and engage directly with your visitors

Works great in conjunction with Audience Social to reclaim lost traffic


Increase productivity with our industry leading cloud-based project management app

Build perfect Facebook Audiences of people who are ready to buy your product or service..

Set your facebook pages on fire and get ready for rapid growth & engagement

Create online quizzes for your website, blog or social media pages

Power up and manage your Amazon affiliate stores

Premium Enterprise apps


Powerful online reputation management, list building & social media management tool. Give your clients access or charge them for you to fully manage their social media accounts.*Access to this platform is included with your subscription package. Our list building tool is also included. To turn on all the other tools and functionality there will be additional fees to be announced at the beginning of 2017.


Launching 4th QTR of 2017. Build custom professional iphone or Android apps in  as little as a few hours. Build them for clients & earn development fees from $500 to $3000 per app plus earn additional monthly revenue when their app is launched. If your a partner we will build your clients apps for you and still split development fees with you 50/50.*Access to this platform is included in your subscription package. There is NO additional cost for YOU to build your app. But to host your app in Google Play, Apple app store or have it available for tablets there is an additional fee that will be announced at launch time.


Launching 4th QTR 2017 Powerful SMS platform. Partners will enjoy life time discounts. Run your own or for your clients. *Access to this platform is included in your subscription package. But there is an additional FEE to run your SMS campaigns. Prices will be announced at launch time.




Partner program highlights

  • Use our apps to promote our program & earn monthly residual income or promote any other opportunity, company, product or service
  • Each app comes with their own training tutorials inside the dashboard
  • Were always adding new apps
  • Promote a service with real value
  • Get the support of a dedicated affiliate manager
  • Access to ALL of our social media marketing apps (affiliates DO NOT have access)
  • Be part of a winning team
  • Give access to your clients or customers and get paid monthly OR or if their to busy you do the work for them and charge them by the hour, project or service you provide for them
  • Partners will get an exact duplicate copy of our website to market as their own. (affiliates will get access to custom banners that will have their affiliate link embedded in for tracking purposes. They will NOT have their own website. Partners will have access to both banners as well as their website)
  • High converting products. (Our products have some of the highest conversion in the industry. More conversion equals more money!

How it works

  • Once inside your partner dashboard. Activate the apps of your choice depending on what your trying to achieve on social media.
  • Use our analytics dashboard to track and monitor traffic to your site
  • In your dasboard we provide the same custom marketing collateral that we use to promote our site inhouse so that you can share on social media
  • Get notified every time someone signs up for a FREE 7-Day trial and get paid when their trial ends
  • Easily track sales and the users that have joined through your Partner site or affiliate links
  • Our Platform automatically sends out follow up messages to your leads to offer them upgrades or the opportunity to become a paid member.

How you get paid

  • *Earn 50% monthly residual income off all subscriptions packages generated through your website or affiliate links
  • Earn 50% of the partner setup fees as well as 50% of their monthly maintenance fee (affiliates do not earn this fee only partners. This is NOT a multi-level program but a 2 Tier program only. At this time Partners & Affiliates ONLY earn residual income on their own generated subscriptions NOT on their 2nd Tier.
  • Partners enjoy life-time cookies, so once a user hits your site their yours forever. Affiliates will have a 90-Day cookie window.
  • Build your clients app & earn 100% development fees plus 50% of their monthly fee once their app is launched using our appsavvi platform. We will build the apps for our partners clients and still split the development fees 50/50
  • Manage your clients social media accounts with amplify and set & charge your own price
  • Offer to run your clients SMS text campaigns with textsavvi and earn 50% of everything they spend
  • * While affiliates earn the same 50% off of monthly subscriptions they DO NOT get paid from other partners joining via their banners. Subscription income is paid out minus our core cost to provide the apps & our merchant processing fees. This is usually only 15% of the subscription package. So on a $48.00 Savvi+ package you will net $20.40. This is 50% minus our fees.

Can I join the partner/affiliate program?

Yes, APPLY NOW if you are interested in earning unlimited commissions by promoting socialsavvi. Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] today!

Become a socialsavvi partner

1. Partner with us

As a socialsavvi partner you get access to a wide variety of leading edge social media marketing webapps as well as your own website.

2. Activate & Promote

Once inside your dashboard you can use the same marketing collateral we use in-house to promote our products & services across social media and the internet. Because you have access to all of our apps & once their activated use them to promote any company,
brand, product or service of your choice for you or your clients..

3. Profit

As our partner you’ll earn 50% passive monthly residual income on the subscriptions that are generated through your website or affiliate links. In addition you’ll also earn 50% of the setup & monthly fees from anyone who joins as a partner via your website..Get started today!